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Bradford Peterson is a fourth year Industrial Engineering student at Georgia Tech with a concentration in Data Science and a minor in Computer Science. His interest in climate change is inspired by a deep-rooted belief in equality for all. In the future, he hopes to use his degree to further advance the fight against climate change and ensure a healthy environment for everyone.
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Ozashwee Ghimire is a third-year Industrial Engineering major at Georgia Tech. She was born in Nepal and grew up in South Georgia. She is passionate about the environment, and realizes that while corporations the biggest influencers of pollution and climate change, she believes shifting the demand of the masses helps to hold them accountable.

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Shivam Mehta is a fourth-year computer engineering undergraduate at Georgia Tech with interests in cybersecurity and IC packaging. His interest in environment and climate change are inspired by sustainable energy and he believes that one of the best way to combat climate change is to shift from non-renewable to renewable energy.   connect with him here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivam-mehta-ba412a1b6/
             Corey Barthlett is a fourth-year electrical engineering student at Georgia Tech. His main interests include RF engineering and semiconductor devices for renewable energy. He hopes to tackle climate change by dedicating his career to renewable energy and raising general awareness to this major problem.
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Devaughn Menezes is a second year electrical engineering major at Georgia Tech who aims to solve complex real-world problems using creative solutions. During his freshman year at Tech, he was a part of the Grand Challenges LLC where he and his team worked to tackle air pollution in Atlanta. With this confidence, he hopes to work on more projects that can combat climate change.
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